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    “REAL will help you decrease real estate expenses by up to 20% annually.

    The REAL game-changer with REAL is its ability to turn portfolio queries into natural language answers and request complex reports with instant, accurate responses, making it feel like I have a virtual assistant at my fingertips.״

    Ken Ziff
    Vice President - Real Estate Operations


    “REAL's platform is a game-changer in commercial
real estate.

    It seamlessly integrates AI to enhance data accuracy and eliminate manual work. REAL ensures up-to-date, accurate data with minimal effort."

    Benjamin Bragdon
    Director, Real Estate Systems & Lease Administration
    TAG - The Aspen Group

    “REAL's entry into the commercial real estate market couldn't be more timely.

    As the industry seeks to overcome its traditional reluctance to adopt technology, REAL offers a solution that redefines how real estate is analyzed, developed, and managed."

    Matthew Canter
    Senior Manager - Transactional Real Estate
    Ernst & Young