Task: Type Those Scripts


TypeScript, JavaScript


Your company just decided to embrace the industry trend of using TypeScript, in both backend and frontend! A lot of extra work!

Now you're required to rewrite a JS file into TS and make sure it compiles, and still runs. Good luck!


You'll be given a JS project, with package.json and everything. Under src folder, there will be a bunch of JS files. Turn them into .ts files and make sure everything still works, including

  • tsc / yarn build compiles everything correctly
  • Unit tests still pass

tsconfig.*.json, real.json and a folder of tests will be provided. Do not change any of those files. They will be overwritten during tests.

Use the provided tsconfig.json to figure out what need to be fixed.

Assume TS version is ≥ 3.2.


¯*(ツ)*/¯ Just do it.

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