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Scripts, Internet Access


You need to share some files with your clients. The thing is, your client is computer illiterate, and only knows how to use the browser to surf the Internet. So you would need to upload those files to a place on the Internet and send him a URL. Easy, right?


Write a CLI program that takes a path to a file or a folder, and upload all of them, as is, to somewhere on the Internet. After that's done, print the URL to the uploaded resources to standard output.

You can choose any file hosting service, even your own computer, if that works. If any API key is generated, make sure to delete/invalidate those keys after finishing this task!

We won't be uploading too many files or too large files. Assume the folder contains no more than 10000 files, and the total size of the folder/file is at most 10MB.


configSource: { "cli" }

./your-prog -p /home/real/Documents/contracts


$ echo 'Real' > /tmp/x
$ ./your-prog -p /tmp/x

$ curl https://some.where.com/x
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